ESS-13 Ski Lake Sealing Methods

Since 1958 Seepage Control, Inc. has been in the pond and lake sealing business. Today this is still our primary focus. We were originally the "SS-13 Sales Company" and now we manufacture ESS-13 which is our exclusive "Environmental Soil Sealant" formula. ESS-13 is a liquid polymer emulsion that is either poured into the water, or mixed with the soil and compacted.

In the early days we were leaking pond and leaking lake specialists. We continually strive to be the solution for existing pond repair and lake repair, but now we are also the experts for pond construction and lake construction as well.

ESS-13 has many advantages over other ski lake sealing products including a PVC Liner, Clay Liner, and Bentonite. The advantages of ESS-13 over other liners include: Price, Quality Control, and Warranty. Whether you have a pond, lake, lagoon, storm water holding pond, golf course pond, fish hatchery, water-ski lake, or wetland, call us for direction before you begin your project - or if your project has failed with another method.

We have been involved in the construction of several water ski lakes as well as golf course ponds, holding ponds, fish hatcheries, and other water features. For decades our lake sealing products have been applied throughout the United States and the World.

We pride ourselves on getting jobs done quickly and efficiently, and we stand behind our work. You can't afford not to call us. No pond lining or lake lining project is too large. We look forward to hearing from you at 1-800-214-9640, or locally in Phoenix, Arizona, USA at 480-763-1180. If you would like more information, please visit our main site at

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The ESS-13 “Spray-On Formulation” can save 75% or more off the installation costs of other lake sealing methods.

Spray-On Method

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